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Hear my reflections on the work of doulas through the following interviews with a journalist, a radio show host, and a webinar host. 


Let's Talk About Death, Baby

Meet the people reducing the stigma around dying

Meet the world’s first "Acid House undertaker", a death doula and the end-of-the-road animators who have an open, honest approach to being six feet under – and find out what The KLF and Blackadder have to do with death.

Read the interview.

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Listen to my conversation with the
At Home with Growing Older team.

The Road Less Traveled: Doing Death with a Doula

“A doula is somebody who companions and bears witness to the experience of the dying.“ 

“What I love to say to my clients is, ‘death is not an emergency.’ Sometimes it is…but in many cases it can be a non-emergency, especially once death has occurred we are allowed to slow down…We also hope that we can help families to slow down before death has occurred, be present with the experience.”

“What we are all trying to do is support people in coming home into their own innate wisdom of death and dying and reclaim it for themselves.”

– Excerpts from the conversation


A Conversation with an End-of-Life Doula

Healing Journeys is a fun and insightful show exploring different avenues to improve our mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health. Every week Aaron Clouden interviews different guests about what they are doing to help others live their most authentic and empowered lives.


They feature people from all walks of life, showcasing where their passions lie and how it helps impact others in a positive way. I appreciate having had the opportunity to share a bit about my work with Aaron and his audience.

Listen to my conversation with Aaron Clouden on his radio show, Healing Journeys.

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