• Facilitate end-of-life discussions with family and loved ones.

  • Help you complete your Advanced Directives.

  • Interface with medical personnel (doctors and nurses, palliative care, hospice staff).

  • Connect you to key resources along the way (funeral planning, meal and housekeeping services, etc.)

pragmatic support
Life review
respite care 
Grounding practices
legacy projects
end-of-life celebrations
  • I'll support your rest and relaxation, help you reduce anxiety and pain, and gain a greater sense of groundedness through the use of meditation, guided visualization, and gentle touch.

  • Help you explore and articulate your life story, generating a distinct perspective for you to reflect meaning back to yourself and others.

  • End-of-life celebrations (also known as living funerals) are celebratory events that allow you to come together in an intentional way with family and friends to celebrate your life while you're together.

  • Ideate and create a unique-to-you project that will have special meaning for those you love to hold onto when you're gone.

  • I'll keep you company while your caregivers invest in a bit of self-care, so they can be best equipped to remain by your side.

  • Together, we'll explore what you'll most want near and around you in your final moments, and I'll work to ensure your environment reflects this when it's time.

  • When you're actively dying, I can be there to support you and your loved ones through the transition.

Medical aid in dying
  • I offer support to clients who have chosen and are eligible for the End of Life Option Act, what we refer to as Medical Aid in Dying.

  • Together, we'll navigate the process and logistics leading up to the day of ingestion.

  • I will be there the day of ingestion to support you and your family through the entire process.

I offer both an hourly rate and packaged rates for services. We can work together to customize our engagement to meet your specific needs and areas of interest. Contact me for pricing details.