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"This course was simply amazing."

Growing Your Doula Practice


$750.00 (Scholarships Available)


6-Week Program, Cohort Model with Private Coaching Sessions

Join us in August 2024!

Now accepting applications. Select the "Sign Up" button to the right to learn more. 

About the Course

This program is designed to help you, as a new end-of-life doula, grow your doula practice, both from a pragmatic nuts-&-bolts perspective of "setting up shop" to learning the tools that can help you deepen and grow your relationship with and identity as a doula. Ideally, you will already have foundational training in end-of-life work. Yet perhaps you have found yourself at a crossroads on what next steps to take to activate your wishes to pursue this path. Join me along with your community peers in a 6-week process of discovery. You'll learn how to structure your practice for success, attract and retain the right clients, and grow and sustain the professional relationships you cultivate.

Your Instructor

Sarah Hill

Sarah Hill

Sarah is a professional end-of-life doula in the Bay Area, who loves to work with others to discover and uncover the unique gifts that they bring to bear in this one, beautiful life we will live.

"I am very grateful I got to participate in this course. Thank you dearly for such a rich and thoughtful offering. I particularly appreciate how you facilitated the reflection re: transferable skills + values = value props and all of the amazing doula tools/resources you shared. Not to mention all of your inspiring tidbits of wisdom. My personal fav (among many): 'Finding your unique way of leaning into this work is to do what comes naturally, and feels uncontrived, and is values aligned. If you can do this, then you'll truly not ever work a day in your life.' — S.H." 

"Even doulas need doula-ing.  Sarah was at the ready with everything we needed to step into creating our own doula practice with confidence."

"P.S. - I think you're an excellent coach."

"I can't thank you enough for all the time and effort that you have put into this wonderful, well-rounded, thought provoking class, and for your sharing of extremely important paperwork, and for always being there with encouragement and a listening ear."

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