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I'm simply a bridge.

I'm not a therapist, nor a nurse, nor clergy. I'm an end-of-life doula. My role as a doula is to work with you to find a grounded place from which to meet your dying and death. I do this in a number of ways, but first and foremost, it's through listening and a willingness to stay present with and alongside you.

I fundamentally believe that you are whole, and that you have what you need within you to support you at your dying time. I also believe that people are meant to be in community with others, even when (and perhaps especially when) it's hard. But often in our culture, we do not have the practice we need to do this well when it comes to dying. Our social decorum often fails us -- and so we back away, which can be isolating and difficult for everyone involved. That's where I come in. 

I'm simply a bridge to an intentional engagement with death and dying. I'll support you and your loved ones in leaning into the experience, helping to balance the fear and not-knowing by introducing subtle interventions that feel familiar and natural, uncontrived and grounded, whole and connected, and that honor who you are. My work is to enable you to tend to what matters most.

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