"Thank you for everything. Your presence, assistance, and care really meant the world to all of us."

- A.S. 


"Thank you for everything. Your presence, assistance, and care really meant the world to all of us."

- A.D.

"Thank you Sarah! You always reaffirm the frequency of peace & calm when you're here. I thank you so much because it's so needed."

- R.H.

"I'm very appreciative of all you've done and continue to do for my aunt in her time of need. I enjoyed everyone's company and energy, but especially yours. You're a rare human and your actions are inspiring -- especially to myself. Thank you for being a good human being in every sense of the word."

- E.P. 

"When Sarah came into our lives, she was a beacon of light and source of comfort.  My father had decided to pursue death with dignity under California's End of LIfe Option Act.  He had been suffering from a very progressive form of ALS, and he had made up his mind that he needed to die.  Sarah was able to connect deeply with my father around his decision, just through eye contact, as he could no longer verbally communicate.  When I saw their connection, I knew that Sarah was exactly who we needed to hold us through my dad's death.  She quickly picked up on family dynamics that were going on, and she organized the day of my dad's death in a way that made us all feel safe, secure, and held.  Sarah was there for me before, during, and after my father's death.  She understood and accepted all my emotions around it, even understanding connections I have to people and energy that was released.  She has remained in my life since my dad's passing, and she has  been a huge source of comfort and light in guiding me through the grieving process.  I cannot thank Sarah enough, and I am thankful to the universe for bringing her into our lives at just the right moment."

- A.S.

"Losing a husband or anyone that you dearly love is uncharted territory for us all. Sarah was there for me any time I needed her...even if all I could do was to cry. The anticipatory grief of knowing I was going to lose Ron was perhaps the most difficult part of my journey. But the days, weeks and months that followed his passing have been extremely hard as well.  I have been blessed to have Sarah to guide me through these very sad days. The word 'amazing' does not begin to describe all that I have received from Sarah's experience, guidance, and innate wisdom. A million thank yous to you, Sarah Hill. God bless you for the amazingly important service you are providing for others as we all try to navigate through and learn about this thing we call life." 

 - C.D.

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