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Full Testimonial

"I was going through a very difficult time (physically and emotionally,) as hospice and I cared for my beloved paraplegic husband, Ron, in my home. I learned of Sarah through my daughter, who encouraged me to call her. I resisted for a bit, but reached out to her by email within a couple weeks, and we connected shortly thereafter for an unbelievably wonderful phone call.  There was an instant connection with Sarah, as she gently listened and supported me in the exact space that I was in. 


To summarize all that I received (and continue to receive) from Sarah is a tall order, as there is so very much.  A few examples of the themes she validated for me include:

  • That every one's grief journey is unique, and there is no right or wrong in anything you think or feel. Anything goes.

  • I learned that absolutely all of the many and oftentimes conflicting feelings I was having (from sadness to numbness to guilt of wanting my husband's passing to be over) were perfectly understandable and normal. 

  • I was given permission and encouraged to dig deep and listen to my instincts, and honor myself in whatever it was that I needed in that very moment. 

  • I was given suggestions for support books, encouraged to lean on others, and also given permission to say no to others if their offers or suggestions were not what I needed at that time. 


Losing a husband or anyone that you dearly love is uncharted territory for us all. Sarah was there for me any time I needed her...even if all I could do was to cry. The anticipatory grief of knowing I was going to lose Ron was perhaps the most difficult part of my journey. But the days, weeks and months that followed his passing have been extremely hard as well.  I have been blessed to have Sarah to guide me through these very sad days. The word 'amazing' does not begin to describe all that I have received from Sarah's experience, guidance, and innate wisdom. A million thank yous to you, Sarah Hill. God bless you for the amazingly important service you are providing for others as we all try to navigate through and learn about this thing we call life." 

 - C.D.

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